Masashi KONDO

『 生活を心を豊かにするデザイン 』



what print designing is…

I don’t think print design exists as design just only for textile.
It doesn’t exist just as something which drawn or designed.
I think print design is also designing a way of communication.
When the printed fabric changes the shape of way it is, it becomes to influence the space it exist.
For example, to hang cloth from the ceiling changes the atmosphere in the room.
I think print design can be a tool of communication between place and people.

design concept…

Motifs are natural objects.
I always observe natural things and touch them.
When I see and imagine the nature, good shapes and colors to draw the motif come into my mind.
Then,I sketch them and arrange them on the cloth.
I am trying to keep my feeling so people imagine the motif when they see the finished textile.


Masashi KONDO

b. 8 May 1983
Born in Aichi and now based in Tokyo, Japan.

I made company with my friends : pole-pole

education : Tama Art University, Textile Design Field, Master Program

2018~ : part-time professor of TAMA Art University (9,10)
2015~ : part-time professor of Kyoto Seika University
2015~ : part-time professor of Bunka Gakuen University

2011/spring- : NANOHANA from MARIMEKKO

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